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Welcome. This site is a sister site to the actual online Family Tree for this branch of Bakers and relations. The Family Tree is located at this link, and is updated periodically. There are two trees there, one for the Baker family, and one for the male Y-DNA linked line of Maurice Baker, 1640-1700, that I have been linked to with my Y-DNA test. More information on that can be found at this site.

The New River Valley is a region in the eastern United States along the New River in the Commonwealth of Virginia (specifically Southwest Virginia). The valley comprises the counties of Montgomery (including the towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg), PulaskiFloydGiles and the independent city of Radford.

It is part of the Great Appalachian Valley and was one of the first frontier areas in the United States, and was key to encouraging western expansion. The first European to explore the valley was Abraham Wood of Fort Henry in 1671 and settlements began to develop in the 18th century. A branch of the Great Wagon Road led through the New River Valley. The valley was the location of several small American Civil War battles.

This Baker line in the New River Valley traces to our first documented ancestor in the Valley, George Washington Baker, 1850-1895. Our Bakers have been a fixture in the New River Valley and the counties contained therein for over 150 years, and most of the early descendants are buried within a 10 mile radius of, and in, Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Virginia.

This site will explore information relating to the people, places, history, and research that I and others of the family have discovered. Information will slowly be added as time permits and the site grows.